The Baltimore Whiskey Company

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Made in the Heart of Baltimore City

We aim to bring distilling back into the heart of Baltimore City by producing distilled spirits in the heart of the Greatest City in America. Baltimore is a blue-collar city; we don’t price out our friends and neighbors of our craft spirits.

Outstanding, High-Value Spirits

We stand proudly behind our formulation, production, and blending standards. At the Baltimore Whiskey Company, every heads and tails cut, botanical maceration, dough-in, yeast pitch, and bottle label reflects deliberation and care. That’s how we distill fantastic spirits: whiskeys, gins, apple brandies, and liqueurs.

Real Baltimore Maryland Rye

We have the first rye distilled in Baltimore in half a century. Not a drop was sourced, and all of our whiskey barrels are 53 gallons. Barrel 001 will be bottled in early 2018, and we’ll insure that Baltimore thereafter can reclaim her seat atop the spirit class of Rye Whiskey.

Who We Are

Max Kennedy Lents | CEO | Baltimore Whiskey Company

Max Lents

Ian Newton

Eli Breitburg-Smith | COO and Head-Distiller | Baltimore Whiskey Company

Eli Breitburg-Smith

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