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February 2018

Baltamaro V1: Fernet Amaro


Baltamaro V1: Fernet Amaro An Amaro classically crafted in the Fernet style The Fernet style of amaro is distinctively bitter. Our Volume 1 is decidedly bitter. Wintergreen, rhubarb, and star-anise highlight this complex fernet-style amaro. Drink on the rocks with a twist or in your best cocktail. [...]

Baltamaro V2: Szechuan Amaro


Baltamaro V2: Szechuan Amaro Fruity and fragrant Szechuan peppercorns highlight this light-bodied expression of Amaro A contemporary, innovative expression of Amaro is highlighted by the infusion of Szechuan peppercorns, which lend a fruity, anesthetic quality to the classic, bitter finish.

Baltamaro V3: Coffee Amaro


Baltamaro V3: Coffee Amaro Bold, universally adored coffee artfully balanced in an Amaro Distinctive coffee aromas highlight this ten botanical Amaro. Cascara, orris root, and citrus peel balance the palate.

December 2017

Epoch Rye


Baltimore Epoch Rye The first Straight Rye produced in Baltimore City in almost a century We have been producing Baltimore Epoch Straight Rye Whiskey, the first straight rye to be produced within the city limits of Baltimore nearly since the Prohibition era, since opening week in November 2015. Produced entirely [...]



Baltamaro The first Amaro produced in Baltimore Our lineup of amaro reflects the uncompromising quality and innovative energy that our customers have come to expect. Amaro is a spirit originating in the Amalfi coast of Italy, where it is traditionally consumed as an aperitif/digestif. Its medicinal, anesthetic qualities are paired [...]

Fumus Pumila


Fumus Pumila Smoked, mescal-style spirits distilled from apples Fumus Pumila (formerly Charles St. Apple Brandy) is the first mescal-style apple brandy. Distilled from local in house fermented apple juice, our Fumus Pumila is fermented and distilled on peels and pomace smoked with cherry and oak woods. Inspired in part by the local terroir [...]

Five Things You Need to Know About Pechuga


A basic primer on the spirit of pechuga To celebrate the release of Asimina Pumila, the first pechuga style apple brandy, we’ve put together a little primer for the uninitiated. Learn what makes pechuga so special to mezcal lovers all over the world. It’s for special occasions For anniversaries, quinceañeras, weddings, or [...]

October 2017

Asimina Pumila


Asimina Pumila Apple Brandy made in the style of Pechuga Pechuga should be a reflection of a region, and locality is the heart of Asimina Pumila. A rich, smokey apple brandy made from regional apples is redistilled over fresh pawpaw fruit, persimmons, and black walnuts. Hung in the still is [...]

April 2017

Classic Martinez


1.5 oz Shot Tower Gin 1 oz Vermut Negre .5 oz Montenegro Amaro .25 oz Meletti Amaro 1 dash of orange bitters Combine all ingredients in cocktail stirring glass. Add ice, stir. Strain onto one large ice cube and garnish with flamed orange peel.

(Ramos) Gin Fizz


1 oz Shot Tower Gin 1 oz Prichard’s Sweet Lucy Cream 1 oz Lemon juice 1 Tbl sp of powdered sugar 1 fresh egg white 3 drop of Orange Flower water splash of soda Add Shot Tower Gin, Prichard’s cream, lemon, sugar, and egg white to shaking tin. Shake vigorously together without any ice. Add ice, [...]

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