Shot Tower Gin

Shot Tower Gin | Baltimore, Maryland's Best Gin Distillery


The gin that may change your mind about gin

Proudly distilling Baltimore City’s first gin since prohibition. Not piney, like a London Dry gin, our gin is floral and sweet, with jasmine flower on the nose and citrus on the pallet. Our unique bitters profile really sets the finish apart and rounds out this gin. Bottled on the strong-side at 100 percent proof, this gin stands up beautifully to dilution in cocktails. We frequently drink it neat. Gin-avoiders and gin-lovers alike have a friend in our Shot Tower Gin.

Gold Medal Winner

2017 San Francisco Spirits CompetitionSan Francisco Spirits Competition 2017 Gold Medal Winner: Baltimore Shot Tower Gin

Silver Medal Winner

2017 New York International Spirits Competition2017 New York International Spirits Competition | Baltimore Shot Tower Gin

Bronze Medal Winner

2017 American Distilling InstituteADI 2017 Bronze Medal


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